What is Nine Irons?


1. A Cross, 2. A Plough Coulter, 3. A Plough Share, 4. A Shovel Blade, 5. A Spade Blade, 6. A Hatchet, 7. A Saw, 8. A Griddle Pan, 9. A Horse Shoe Nail.


The Nine Irons is an old Irish Amulet. In the 1800s Irish Blacksmiths were often called upon to make a set of miniatures. All over Ireland there were traditions of the power of iron in bringing good luck, averting and healing sickness, countering charms and spells and warding off mischievous or malignant spirits and influences.

    • The Plough Coulter and Share to help a child afflicted by ‘fits and starts’ while sleeping,
    • The Shovel and Spade Blades to help retreive lost items,
    • The Hatchet and Saw were to ward off negative influences,
    • The Griddle Pan made red hot warded off any challenges,
    • The Horse Shoe Nail carried for good luck,
    • The Cross was added by the people

There are not many surviving examples of this wonderful Amulet.

I have reproduced the Nine Irons using the same traditional forging methods used by our forefathers..